The Family Support Network Now Includes Over 5,750 Families From 50 States and 87 Countries.

The Family Support Network is a database of parents, children, teens, adults, relatives and friends willing to exchange mail or e-mail about diabetes, babysit, help out college kids, and meet newly diagnosed families. If you’re struggling with a new diagnosis, have a question that you can’t seem to answer, or want to help others, this is the place. Once you’ve found a friend, click on their name to see their personal information (and photo) or click on the ‘Send a Message’ link to send them an e-mail.

The Family Support Network includes 5657 people and 3983 children from all 50 US states and 87 countries.

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Find someone else just like you, whether you have diabetes or care for a child who does. Parents, you can even search for a babysitter near you! Find yourself if you’d like to change your information.

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