Diabetes + School

Children with diabetes require medical care to remain healthy.
The need for medical care does not end while the child is at school.
The following information is designed to help children with diabetes and their parents ensure that they are able to care for their diabetes while at school.

School Bill of Rights for Children with Diabetes
What every child with diabetes should expect at school

The Law, Schools, and Your Child with Diabetes
The basis for non-discrimination at school, including a sample 504 plan

Information for Teachers and Child-Care Providers
An overview of diabetes and what it means for school



Download “Becoming a Diabetes Advocate in the School” from the American Diabetes Association Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed. A Guide for School Personnel (PDF) is the definitive guide to the care of children with diabetes in the school setting. From the National Diabetes Education Program.

Diabetes Management at School
Detailed instructions and forms to help your child at school, including a 504 plan

Sample 504 and IEP Plans
Help parents ensure that their kids get the most out of school

Before School Starts
A quick check list of things to do before your child starts school

One-page Instruction Sheet for Teachers
Summarize your child’s care needs for the teacher

Information for Classmates
A brief overview of diabetes and hypoglycemia

Information for Roommates
For college students with diabetes

States with Published Diabetes Care Programs
For More Information