Quilt for Life®

Rededicating Ourselves
to Finding a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

Birthdate. Diagnosis date. Pumping date. 3 am blood sugar checks. Wishing for a cure. Smiles. Lots of smiles.
All are in the Quilt for Life, part of Children with Diabetes®. For many, diabetes is about numbers.
For us, diabetes is about Marissa and Sam and Lori and Justin and the tens of thousands of other children with diabetes.

In the Quilt for Life®, diabetes is transformed from the impersonal to the personal,
from the abstract world of numbers to the real world of children living everyday with finger sticks and insulin injections.

In the Quilt for Life®, we all see the wonder of our kids and we rededicate ourselves to finding a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Jeff Hitchcock, CWD Founder

What is the Quilt for Life®?

Diabetic families can let their voices be heard and counted–through the Children with Diabetes ®Quilt for Life® With each 3′ x 3′ quilt square representing someone with diabetes, this powerful message reminds the world that our children are real people with hopes and dreams — and they want a cure now!

Please consider sending a
quilt square in honor of your loved one.

There is much strength in numbers.
A quilt with over a thousand squares, each representing one child with this devastating disease, will be a powerful visual reminder that our children live with this disease every day, take insulin to stay alive, and are relying on us to keep the future bright for a cure.

Since 2002 with every new square,
the quilt has continued to grow with submissions from families from across the U.S. and around the globe. We display the Quilt for Life each year at the annual CWD Annual Conference, and at other diabetes rallies and venues.
It serves as a tremendous public awareness tool.

Quilt for Life® Galleries

View photographs of each quilt square, along with information about the person behind the square.
When you send in your square, please include a photograph of the person so it too can be included in the online archive!

Can I Participate in the Quilt for Life?

Yes! Design your square! Quilt squares can be for anyone with type 1 diabetes — child or adult.
If you have more than one child with type 1 diabetes, each may contribute a square.

Squares need the following:

Each quilt square should be 3 feet by 3 feet (about 92 centimeters square) when completed.
Larger panels are very diffcult to show with the other quilts.
Each quilt square must be be fully finished and hemmed.
Please do not send an un-hemmed square because we are not able to hem it for you.
Anything glued on needs to be very securely attached.
Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for pieces that might fall off.
Glued pieces rarely survive one showing. 🙁
The square needs to have your name and address on the back*.
*As a suggestion, with permanent marker, write it on a separate piece of cloth and sew that to the back of the quilt.

Choose whatever material you wish. There are no rules about types of material, patterns, colors, etc.
Please do not attach “sharps” to your square. This is a safety concern.
After you’ve completed your quilt square, fill in the Quilt Submission Form and send it with your quilt to the address shown on the form.

It’s that easy!

Suggestions for Your Quilt Squares

If you’re not sure what to put on your quilt square, here are some suggestions:

Use iron on transfer paper to print a photo of your child (or yourself ) on the fabric

If you participate in sports, include a jersey from the sport.

Use fabric markers to draw on a square, if you’re unsure about quilting.

Include the flag of your state or country, to show the global reach of type 1 diabetes.

Please send a photograph of the person for whom the quilt square is made. This will be included in the online database of the quilt.

What if I’ve Never Quilted Before?

Making a quilt square can be very simple – or very complicated! The choice is entirely yours!
For more information about the CWD Quilt for Life, please contact:

Children with Diabetes, Inc.
8216 Princeton-Glendale Road, PMB 200
West Chester, OH 45069-1675