Quilt for Life®

Quilt Submission Form



Complete the following Quilt Information Form for each quilt square that you send.
Each quilt square should be 3 feet by 3 feet (about 92 cm by 92 cm).
Quilts with batting hold up and display better than single pieces of fabric.

Important suggestions:

Everything on the quilt should be fabric.
The quilt must have a finished edge.
Ragged edged quilts require us to finish them before they can be displayed.
Please do not use sticky fabric paints on the quilt.
Quilts are stored folded in thirds vertically and sticky fabric paint will peel off.
Photos should be iron-on or printed to canvas and sewn on.
Photographs that are attached to the quilt will fall off.
Each quilt should be for one person. Please do not send in one quilt for multiple people.
Include the completed form with the quilt, and write your name on the back of the quilt and on any photos that you send.


Mail completed form, along with quilt square, to:

Children with Diabetes, Inc.
8216 Princeton-Glendale Road, PMB 200
West Chester, OH 45069-1675

Please wrap your quilt in plastic before placing it inside an envelope or box to ship. This will protect it from getting wet in transit.