Tests indicate my son has MODY 5. He has been on Humalog, is supposed to start on Lantus. What is the treatment for MODY 5? It seems very few people know.

My son was diagnosed as type 1 in April 2015. We pushed for MODY testing, since the endocrine team did not feel that he was at a strong risk for it because there doesn't seem to be a strong genetic prevalence. Fast forward to today, March 2016, and after requesting MODY and getting the paperwork signed by his endocrinologist, we just received the results. It says that he is negative for MODY 1-4, but "VUS - variant unknown significance for MODY 5". His specialist needed to look it up and then get back to us, but with an A1c of 11, he needed to get on Lantus (right now he's just on a correction factor and counting carbohydrates/insulin at each meal - Humalog). What your opinion about long-term treatment? I've read that MODY 3 responds to pills, but not anything about MODY 5. We are also wondering if it's possible for his body to become resistant to inuslin, much like a type 2 patient. Before starting on Lantus, we need to know if it's just going to cause his body to need more and more. Already we keep increasing his Humalog and now they are saying it's crucial that he be put on Lantus. We are fighting this because we don't yet know all of the treatment protocol for MODY 5 and it sounds like few do.

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