Hyperglycemia and DKA, Sick Days

Should we be dosing for the antibiotic our daughter is taking for a sinus infection? Her blood sugar has been elevated despite adjusting her insulin to carbohydrate ratio.

From: Necedah, Wisconsin, USA

My daughter was diagnosed with a sinus infection three days ago. She was having highs quite frequently with no obvious reason before we took her in. She typically does not have a lot of highs. She was prescribed Cefdinir, 300 milligram suspension, 6 ml twice a day for 10 days. After two full days of doses, her blood sugar has been 200 to 300 mg/dl [11.1 to 16.7 mmol/L] consistently. We lowered her insulin to carbohydrate ratio from 1:20 to 1:15 for the time being. Should we be dosing insulin for the antibiotic? At her last clinic visit, her A1c was 6.3, down from 11.4 at diagnosis. Her urine has been negative for ketones.

From the DTeam

Editor’s comment: Some general sick day guidelines are available in Dr. Peter Chase’s Understanding Diabetes. If you do not have a sick days plan from your own endocrinologist, please ask for one.]

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