Genetics and Heredity

My wife believes that type 1 “goes sideways” genetically, that because her siblings have it, she is a carrier of the disease. Is this correct?

From: Memphis, Tennessee, USA

My wife and I are considering having our first child. We are concerned, though, because she is under the impression that the likelihood of our child having type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) is very high. What she has told me is that both of her parents are carriers and both her sister and brother have T1DM. She says that T1DM goes sideways and because her siblings have it, this means that she is definitely a carrier and our child will almost certainly have T1DM. She doesn't feel like there is a reason to go to an endocrinologist at this point because she is positive that her information is accurate. Is her understanding of this correct? If it is, what can we do, if anything, to lessen the chances of our child being born with T1DM? Her brother and sister both have such rapid onset hypoglycemia that they seize immediately. I've never seen anyone drop so fast.

Anaheim 2018

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