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Tests indicate my son has MODY 5. He has been on Humalog, is supposed to start on Lantus. What is the treatment for MODY 5? It seems very few people know.

From: Elburn, Illinois, USA

My son was diagnosed in August 2015 with a fasting blood glucose of 247 mg/dl [13.7 mmol/L] and trace ketones. He tested negative for all autoimmune markers, but low on C-peptide. His carbohydrate to insulin ratio was 1:60 a month after diagnosis. Lantus was two units nightly. Average insulin per meal was 0.5 unit. His A1c was 5.9 in October, 5.7 in January. He was low a lot and needed a lot of juice boxes, glucose tabs and food. As of February 2, he was receiving no insulin for meals and 1 unit of Lantus and was still low all the time. On March 3, his A1c was 5.1 and a re-test of C-peptide was 1.18. Becasue of all the lows, we stopping giving him Lantus. I was told he is now honeymooning. The doctor's office said to stop using the sensor, check his blood sugar in the morning and periodically after high carbohydrate meals. I am now confused because I was taught to check and count carbohydrates regularly, the opposite of what I am now being asked to do. Please tell me your thoughts.

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