Aches and Pains

Diagnosed last August, my daughter now has low grade fevers, aches, and fatigue. Tests for Lyme, mononucleosis, celiac and thyroid issues were negative. What is your opinion?

From: Jackson, New Jersey, USA

My 12-year-old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 in August 2015. For the first month or so, she did well and felt well. Then, she started having other symptoms such as low grade fevers (99.9), headaches, stomachaches, frequent sore throats and fatigue. The pediatrician had done blood work which included Lyme disease and mononucleosis, which all came back normal, as have tests for celiac and thyroid issues. She also recently began a lot of twitching in her sleep, both when she first falls asleep and then later during the night. The pediatrician attributes the symptoms to anxiety and diabetes. She is currently on Lexapro for the anxiety, which coincided with her diabetes diagnosis, and sees a therapist. The endocrinologist says its not related to diabetes and the pediatrician should deal with it. Do any of these symptoms sound familiar with other diagnosed type 1s? Any idea what direction I should go?

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