For the student who has diabetes, the learning process extends beyond academic goals to include learning, from experience, how to manage diabetes effectively at school. A school environment that can be trusted to be safe and helpful will foster this learning process. School personnel play an important role in helping the student manage diabetes effectively at school.

Effective management of diabetes at school can help:

  • Provide a supportive learning environment for students with diabetes
  • Reduce absences
  • Reduce disruption in the classroom
  • Provide the necessary support in the event of an emergency
  • Achieve full participation in physical activities
  • Foster self esteem

The information in this guide will assist in the development and maintainance of a diabetes management program for your school. This guide includes:

  • A brief description of Type 1 diabetes and its management
  • A description of a diabetes management program for schools
  • Reproducible actions plans for school parsonnel and parents
  • Reproducible resource information including:
    • Description of effective diabetes management in schools
    • Treatment of high and low blood sugar emergencies
    • Feelings assosciated with having diabetes

You may print each document in this guide and modify it to meet your needs.