It is our goal to offer you assistance and support to assure that the student who has diabetes feels safe and secure in your school. Students with diabetes have certain rights at school as a result of the Individuals With Disability Education Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. These laws provide for protection against discrimination for students with disabilities, including diabetes. Therefore, while at school, each student with diabetes should be allowed to:

  • Perform blood sugar monitoring
  • Treat low blood sugars as needed
  • Carry treatment for low blood sugar
  • Give (or recieve) insulin if indicated
  • Be allowed time for blood sugar checks and eating all meals and snacks
  • Be allowed to fully participate in all of the same activities that students who do not have diabetes participate in

We believe that with just a few special considerations the student with diabetes can have a normal lifestyle and a positive school experience.

We suggest the following:

  1. Meet with the family, teacher(s), school nurse, playground supervisors, and food service workers
  2. Discuss what the school needs to do to allow the student with diabetes to be treated the same as all other students whiile accommodating the requirements of the diabetes treatment plan. Things that need to be discussed include:
    • Identifying policies and procedures regarding the treatment plan
    • Identifying school and parental expectations
    • Identifying responsibilities of school personnel in carrying out the treatment plan
    • Developing a plan to educate staff about diabetes and their responsibilities
    • Identifying resources available to staff, students, and family
    • Recognizing the signs, symptoms, and treatment of low blood sugar
    • Recognizing the signs, symptoms, and treatment of high blood sugar
    • Developing an Emergency Action Plan

For specific information regarding the recognition of high and low blood sugars, the appropriate prevention and treatment, please refer to the resource information accompanying this action plan. The information will be most beneficial to you and the student if you are familiar with the information and if it is readily accessible to you at all times.