T1 Tweens

Owen, 15 / Colorado / Diagnosed 2011

Hi! My name is Owen. I am almost nine years old. This is a picture of me and my sisters, Sam and Maya, when we went parasailing. We took this picture when we were over 500 feet in the air!

I have a bulldog named Corie. I got her two weeks after I was diagnosed with diabetes. She is one year old and she loves to be petted and play monkey in the middle. Sometimes when she looks tired I throw her the ball.

I love to play with Legos, friends and video games. My favorite sports are soccer, baseball, swimming and skiing. I play on a soccer team with a lot of my friends. I also love to read and draw. I live in Colorado and I go skiing a lot in the winter.

I got diagnosed with diabetes on June 15, 2011. Since then I have been hiking, boating, fishing, to two Rockies games, swimming, and to Elitches Amusement Park. I don’t think diabetes has slowed me down at all! Hopefully I will get a pump before too long. I hope the pump will be easier for me than getting four shots a day.

If you want to be pen pals email me at bspreston@yahoo.com.

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