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Mikayla, 7 / Pennsylvania / Diagnosed 2011

Hi. My name is Mikayla. I am 7 years old and I live in northern Pennsylvania. I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on January 17, 2011. My mom and dad noticed that I was drinking a lot, going to the bathroom a lot, and had a tummy ache, so they took me to the doctors office. My blood sugars were very high in the 500s and I was a little tired. I was transferred to a larger hospital to meet with a pediatric endocrinologist. I was in the hospital for a couple days and had some blood tests. I also got lots of gifts! My mommy is a nurse and my daddy is my hero. I feel safe when I’m with them.

I have two older brothers, ages 13 and 10. They have helped with my new meal plans and with my finger pricks. I get 4 shots a day of insulin. I don’t really like them, especially the bedtime shot in my butt. I have two dogs too. Our bigger dog is Zoe, she is a Boxer. We have a new puppy and his name is Zeus, and he is an American Bulldog. I was scared when I was in the hospital because they put an IV in my hand. It hurt a lot. I have lots of friends at school. They were all happy when I came back to school. I’m in second grade. I am a pee wee football cheerleader … it is a lot of fun. I am sad at night because I’m afraid I will pass out in my sleep.

I would like to hear from other children that have type 1 diabetes too.


You can email my parents at dcpt01@hotmail.com.

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