T1 Tweens

Emily, 8 / Diagnosed 2011

Hi, My name is Emily and I am 8 years old. I have a sister named Maria. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on June 8th, 2011.

My mom started this adventure by recognizing something was wrong the first day of summer vacation. We were at the swimming pool and I was eating and drinking everything in sight. Mom actually had to call dad and have him bring more food to the swimming pool after only 40 minutes at the pool because there was nothing for my sister to eat. Because it was warm outside my dad thought I was just exercising a lot and was thirsty. Throughout the weekend the symptoms continued. On Monday I went with my moms best friend to a local campground to hangout with friends. My moms friend also noticed the symptoms which led to a call to the nurse advisor at my hospital. My doctor was unable to diagnose me right away because my mom had given me Tylenol for a headache (another symptom.) So on Wednesday morning, June 8th, the doctor had to draw blood which was tested for diabetes. My glucose level was 289 at that time. I was admitted to the hospital for 3 days and was treated like a princess. I was able to drink diet soda and eat whatever I wanted, of course as long as I had the proper amount of insulin.

Diabetes does not run in my family but I have found several friends of my mom and dad who either have diabetes or have children with diabetes. I am hoping I can find someone to help me and my family on this adventure.

I have to test my blood sugar before breakfast, lunch and supper or when I have a snack. Sometimes I also test when I feel tired. My mom or dad give me my insulin in the back of my arm. The insulin is given through a Novolog Flex Pen or a Novolog Jr Pen. The regular syringes scared me so the doctors allowed me to try the pens which have worked great. I hope to be getting a pump before I start school on September 1st. Everyone says life will be easier with a pump and I am looking forward to not having the shots all the time.

On June 30th, there is a fundraiser in Onalaska, WI called the Thunder Ride which raises money for diabetes research and for patients with diabetes. I also look forward to participating in the various diabetes walks scheduled in our area. These events will help me meet other children with diabetes which will in turn educate mom, dad, my sister and I.

You can email me at my moms email address pixy@charter.net. I look forward to hearing from you.

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