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Alex, 11 / Tokyo / Diagnosed 1980

Hi! My name is Alexandra but I like to be called Alex. My birthday is January 7th, 1987. Let me tell you a bit about myself.I was born in Michigan and moved to Pennsylvania when I was five. I then stayed there until I turned nine and moved to Tokyo, Japan. I now living in Japan with my family which consists of my mom, dad, and younger sister. I am the only one in my family who has diabetes and none of my living and dead relatives have or had diabetes either which makes it a mystery to us. Personally, I don’t think it’s fair that I’m the one who got diabetes, but then again, don’t all diabetics think that?

Let’s see now, what do I like? Well, I’ll start with the sports I like. There’s basketball, volleyball, skiing, and horseback riding which I don’t really know if it’s a sport but hey, close enough, right? My favorite animals are cats and horses and although I do like dogs, I think that they are that smart. No offense to any of you dog lovers or anything like that but I’m not too much of a dog person, that’s all. I’m not saying I don’t like dogs but I’m sure some of you know how feel, right? Now back to my favorite animals. As I was saying, I like cats and I have two. One is an outdoor cat called Missy and the other one lives indoors and her name is Musse. Musse is Danish for Mousy. I learnt that from my Danish friend. And, I LOVE horses!!!!!! Although I’ve gotten kicked in the head by one and microfractured one of my bones on them, I still love them nevertheless! No, I don’t own one because Japan is probably one of the most expensive places to own a horse. (For example, regular monthly groceries here cost about $1,500 a month here. Compare that to your bill!) And, I don’t take lessons here since they’re expensive also but I used to take them! However, I do ride horses if I get the chance! I also have a SIM horse game on the net but let’s not get to caught up in horses.

Most people want to know what life is like in Japan. Well, I don’t like it very much. In fact, I really miss the US because I can’t get a lot of things here that I can in the States. I wish I didn’t have to live here but in a way, it is good because then, I can learn Japanese and the school I go to has a MUCH better learning and teaching program than the ones in the States do. Which is good because the medical care is REALLY bad! They don’t use glucagon and when I go in for my Humaglogan A1C test, they draw so much blood that it makes me feel faint. They’ve actually gotten better and now don’t draw as much blood but still.

So, what else do I like? Well, one of my favorite computer games is Catz 3 and 2. If you don’t know what that is, then go to www.petz.com because they also have a game called Dogz 3 but I’m not about to start advertising.

I’m not that into what’s hip and what’s not because here, there is no fashion sense whatsoever and I don’t get the movies in the states to play here until at least six months later (or one month after the video comes out) in the theaters but I do belong to a club called TAC (Tokyo American Club) that has a video club as well which rents the movies out when they come out on video for the US so that’s nice but other than that, I don’t get much talk about what’s in or whatever you’d call it. I probably wouldn’t be too intrested if I did know.

Well, I think I’m all talked out for now. My e-mail is bird_mania@yahoo.com. If you see the address skiradical@MSN.com, you can use it but be warned, it’s my dad’s e-mail so you might not get a reply or a very quick one. And, my parents can read what you say so I suggest you use the other address. Thanks! I hope to hear from you even if it’s just to ask about my SIM Horse game. BYE!

Alex Papp

P.S. If you want to chat with me or anything, there is a time difference between the US and Japan so be careful!

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