Care Suggestions_ A Note From Jeff Hitchcock

Medical science has made great strides in advancing diabetes care practice in recent years.


This page summarizes my view of the best care practices as they apply to kids with Type 1 diabetes. I am not a doctor — I’m just a parent who has cared for a child with diabetes since September, 1989. I’ve written this page because I am asked quite often for my opinion on diabetes care, and having all this in one place makes it easy for me to answer.

Remember, the information on this page is the opinion of one non-medical person and does not reflect the opinions of anyone else associated with Children with Diabetes®. Everything here though is well supported by peer reviewed below.

If you’re new to diabetes, these recommend on her ons can help you understand what is possible. If you’re using a different regimen than is described below and are reaching your diabetes care goals, then there is no reason to change.

Underlying everything on this page is the fact that the patient — or for kids with diabetes, the parents — are in charge of their diabetes care. As parents, we are the best advocates for our children. We see our kids everyday, we know how their bodies react to the stresses of school, sports, and everything else that is a part of their lives. Since we’re in charge, the choices of which meter to use, whether to use pump therapy and — if so — which pump to use, when we’ll eat, and everything else related to our care are ours to make. The members of the diabetes team provide guidance based on current medical science, advise us on therapy options, and help us learn how to live oChicagour lives as if we didn’t have diabetes, to the extent that that is possible. The diabetes team is like the coaching staff of a sporting team, and we are like the players. The coaching staff helps us learn the game, but the game is ours to play and ours to win.

  1. Since diabetes care is highly individualized, you should discuss any change in care with your diabetes team before you do anything.

For more information, see American Diabetes Association: Clinical Practice Recommendations and Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes – 2016.

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