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Tom Boyer

Tom Boyer Possessing over 25 years of professional experience in health care government relations activities focused on diabetes, Tom Boyer currently serves as director, government aairs for Novo Nordisk Inc. The focus of his work involves handling government aairs issues for the company before elected officials and regulators in the western half of the United States. As of early May 2016, authorship credits over the course of his career include over 75 health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and related laws directly credited with helping families affected by diabetes. Working directly with the diabetes community he helped convince President Bill Clinton and Speaker Newt Gingrich of the need to improve diabetes coverage for the Medicare population, wrote the legislative language to implement this aim and oversaw the public aairs eefforts credited with achieving the benefits. He worked more recently with Members of Congress including then Congressman, now Governor Inslee and the Bush Administration to create and pass legislation providing coverage for diabetes needs within Medicare Part D, which is the prescription drug insurance program for America’s senior citizens.

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